Sad Story 2

Megan was a great rich cheerleader.

Noel was a study nerd.

Megan saw Noel and she totally felt in love with  him.

She hide it for everybody cause she was afraid that her friends will laugh at her just because she was in love with a study nerd. A loser .

And then she met someone to trust. Rose.

They became best friends and she told her about her feelings for Noel.

Unfortunately she wasn’t the best

the best friend Megan could wish.

Rose told it to Megan her other friends.

They laugh and started HATING on her.

So Megan was alone. Nobody who would ever understand her feelings.

A month later she went to Noel his friend to ask if he was there.

His friend said no and told Megan that Noel was death.

He was lost for a week and found , he was murdered.

Megan can’t live with the fact that her big

secret love was death .

She committed suicide to be with Noel forever.

Without pain , without fake friends , only Noel and Megan.

As two ghosts in a lost world.




door Tania

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Sad Story 1

She was a girl called Mila.

He was a boy called Dave.

They got deep feelings for eatchother.

But they dont know it.

Mila thought Dave hates her.

While Dave loved her.

Dave thought Mila would say that hes a loser.

But no it wasnt true cuz she cried every night cuz she knew that he didnt love her

and he never will.

They keep hiding ther feelings while they getting older and older.

But they still keep loving eatchother.

And then Mila heard the bad news that her parents want to move to an other country.

And ofcourse Dave heard that , he was broken but try to act cool.

And Mila was also broken.
So she made a letter for Dave.

Dear Dave.
I want to tell you this for five long difficult years.
Something i want to say but never could.
I try to hide it and forget it but its to hard.
Its something i know you wont feel , well maybe you feel it but not for me.
Even i would run thousend rounds around the world only for you.
So you would feel the same for me that im feeling for you for five years.
And yeah im going to move today , and i probably wont see you ever again.
This makes me falling apart.
I love you Dave , and i wont stop loving.

She throw the letter in the mailbox.
Even more sad than before .
That midday when nobody was at home Dave’s house burns down.
He has never read the letter.

So she moved away from Dave and never spoke him again.


This is a love thats unfortunatly never became something.

Even we know its true love.



Door Tania

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